3D Selfie

Did you think that mini-me dolls and action figures were just for celebrities?
Now you can have your own full-color 3D selfie, capturing the tiniest of details, like the exact shade of lipstick, thanks to the use of 3D scanning and printing technology.

3D Student Selfie - Special Offer for students*

With this special package, all students in Kuwait can have their 3D full-color Selfie, capturing the tiniest of details, like the exact shade of lipstick, thanks to the use of 3D scanning and printing technology – for a very special price!*

3D Graduation Selfie

After all those years of study, your day has come!

Whether you would like to have a unique memory of your graduation day or make an awesome gift for someone dear in this important day, come visit our studio in your graduation day and get your 3D figurine, to remember this day forever!

3D Celebrity Fan

How would you to have a mini figure of your favorite artist, actor, actress or sport hero?

We are introducing a way for you to keep this exciting moment with your hero last forever!

3D Winner’s Selfie - Club teams & Competition Winner Selfie

Celebrating a sporting or competition winning accomplishment? Every “3D Winner’s Figurine“ into your team's strip and colors is a unique gift or trophy!  

If you are part of a sporting club or an organized competition and would like to capture a mini 3D version of your club players and/or winners, please Contact us. We will gather your requirements and prepare a tailored package, to suit your wants and budget.

3D Employee of The Month - Selfie for the “boss who has everything”

Looking for a special and personalized gift for your “employee of the month” or perhaps a unique farewell present?

Unique and creative - 3D Printed Selfie are the best way to remember that important day forever!

3D Us

Do you fancy a mini version of yourself and your loved one?

Intricate details like clothes and jewelers, to facial expressions - that can be transferred to create an accurate and expressive 3D version of couples!

3D Us Forever - Newlyweds’ Portraits

Now you can have your own 3D realistic wedding Selfies – as a modern alternative to the traditional wedding photographs.

This is a new and exciting way of capturing the way you and your partner looked at the day of your wedding - that special day in your life.

Thanks to the use of 3D scanning and printing technology, we are capturing all the details: clothes and jewelers’, poses and facial expressions, down to hair styles, freckles and even the exact shade of lipstick – to make your 3D Wedding Portrait look as life-like as possible.

3D Family Seflie

We create life-like group 3D shots that will turn you and your loved ones into marvelously detailed little Selfies. We’re capturing everything: from poses and facial expressions down to hair styles and the folds in clothes, all in full, faithful color.

Families can now have a modern alternative to traditional family photographs - something a little different to place on the mantelpiece.

3D Diwanya Selfie

Looking to glorify and mark the years of friendship, to remind you what it really means to have a solid bond? Just let us know, and we will be more than happy to make it happen for you!

3D Trendy Me

This is package is addressed to everyone who is passionate about fashion and immortalizing certain postures and outfits. You can have a set of 5 different 3D Selfies of yourself, with various poses and outfits.

We will be more than happy to gather your requirements and prepare a tailored package, to suit your wants and budget. 

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping is used to describe the process of turning a 3D CAD design into a real tangible 3D Object. Rapid prototyping technologies are used in the beginning of the product development lifecycle to create prototypes to test and verify designs before full blown production starts.

We use 3D printing technologies method for rapid prototyping, to essentially print thin 2D layers to form a 3D object. The most frequent uses of rapid prototyping include concept models, internal management validation, inspection, visualization, investment pitching, design iterations, engineering evaluations, form & fit, presentation models, manufacturing aids and market introductions.

Many benefits can come from creating a prototype early in the design process. Rapid prototyping can help verify a design, communicate an idea and fix design issues early in the development process preventing costly changes to the hard tool once the product is in full production. Creating a physical model also helps potential investors and customers better visualize the product at hand, leading to further investment in the product before it goes to market.


Concept Models

Fast, low-cost concept models help to verify design, ergonomics and function, elements that can’t always be assessed in a CAD drawing. Many other intangible results can be obtained from holding a real prototype part in hand including increased enthusiasm and personal investment from those working on the project. Our technology allows our customers to quickly simulate products during all phases of the design process for visual evaluation of features, shape, functionality and overall look and feel.


CAD Rendering

CAD renderings will only take you so far in the design process. If you’re really serious about design and function it’s time to create real parts from your CAD geometry. Creating physical parts helps interact with the design and confirm CAD design. This evaluation assists in the prevention of future problems that may have been missed on screen.


Presentation Models

Presentation models are designed to look and feel just like the real product. We help you to create presentation models that are virtually identical to the real product. Presentation Models are ideal for use in focus groups, trade shows and other sales and marketing activities.



We are passionate about 3D printing and we use this technology to create realistic architectural models and realistic entertainment sets. We work with architects, builders, interior designers, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, large corporations and others to help them bring their ideas into reality.

We focus on B2B sales and building business partnerships where we act as the back-end printer. Your business is your specialty, our specialty is 3D printing. We understand this and our business model allows our partners to offer high-quality 3D printing services to their clients without investing in the printers or the personnel to operate them.